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Ashes In Lima (Working Title) Feature Film

Genre:  Drama / Thriller

Attachments:  Writer/Director, Jeff Lehman


Log Line:  

A troubled journalist unexpectedly finds renewed purpose in life when he’s sent on assignment to cover a story on gang culture in the slums of Lima, Peru.



Since the tragic death of his son and ex-wife, Asher Cohen has devoted his time to the bottom of a bottle while maintaining his journalism career by the skin of his teeth.  On the verge of losing his job, he is provided with one last assignment to prove himself; chronicling gang culture in the slums of Lima, Peru.  On his journey, he partners with a Peace Corps worker, Shannon, who introduces him to the treacherous landscape of the Pamplona Divide.  He must befriend and gain the trust of the ruthless members of the Alta clan, and in doing so, develops an instant connection with a young boy in the neighborhood, Luis.  After violence breaks out between the rivaling Alta and Baja clans, regardless of the danger involved, Asher insists on returning to help the children in danger - only to find himself caught in the middle of a power struggle far more complex than he could have ever imagined.

The Black List Quotes:

"The Script paints a vibrant picture of a fascinating, unstable world - a perfect setting for an unstable hero.  Asher is a deeply troubled protagonist with something to prove and something to work towards, giving the script a healthy amount of heart and a promising emotional component."

"This is a very engaging and entertaining script that has both critical and commercial potential."


"This is a beautifully written script on a technical and formatting level, and the pacing is quick, vivid and comprehendible... It's an exciting and heart wrenching, but emotionally satisfying read."


"It has a BLOOD DIAMOND like protagonist and social message in Asher and his relationship to the gangs in Peru. His role is dark, but dynamic and we get to see a full range of emotions come from his voice over the course of the script that would surely be interested for a big time actor to take on."


"This script has a strong central storyline, strong characters and a number of thematic elements that make it both memorable and admirable.  The general story it tells, about a man who has lost his purpose in life, is simple and straightforward, however this script takes that concept and frames it in a setting that is not only original, but also offers interesting social commentary that easily intrigues the reader.  The setting, while not necessarily familiar, is one that the reader easily finds themselves drawn into, thanks to the technical visual descriptions and more importantly, because of the way the characters are written to involve themselves in the world that has been created."

Reference Photos

*Note: All photos taken by filmmaker, Jeff Lehman.



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